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PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks
  • PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks

PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks

pcbn blanks of hardness, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, and strong impact resistance ability characteristic of cbn, they are ideal for cutti…

  • Alias: PCBN tips, cbn disc

  • Size: R360/55mm

  • MOQ: 2pcs

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  • Whatsapp: +86 17329325308

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We Has Various Equipments Such As Laser Cutting Machines, Wire Cutting Machines And Various Processing Equipments To Cut Blanks, Regardless Of Their Thickness Into Special Sizes And Shapes Per Customers Requirements.

PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks Consist Of Fine CBN Grains Sintered Under Ultra-High Pressure And Ultra-High Temperature. Combining The Strengths Of Hardness, Thermal Stability, Thermal Conductivity, And Strong Impact Resistance Ability Characteristic Of CBN, They Are Ideal For Cutting Tools For The Machining Of Ferrous Metal And Alloy, All With High Productive Efficiency, High Machining Precision, And Good Surface Quality.

PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks main size is R360/55mm MOQ 2pcs