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With the development of economy, new wear-resistant materials keep emerging. The hardness of these wear-resistant materials is high, and there are many casting defects in the casting process. Therefore, when processing these wear-resistant castings, the requirements for tool j are very high, and it is difficult for ordinary tools to meet the processing eeds.

Common large wear - resistant castings are high chromium cast iron slurry pump, mud pump, industrial pump, impurity pump, high manganese steel mortar wall, crushing hammer, lining plate, etc.

High chromium cast iron pump processing

Processing parts: pump shell, pump blade, pump body

Processing material: high chromium cast iron, high nickel chromium cast iron, etc

Processing process: rough, fine

Advantages: ZT solid cbn inserts are specially designed for high chromium cast iron and wear-resisting cast iron, it can cut with large allowance and improve the machining efficiency.

High manganese steel processing

Processing parts: Mortar wall, lining roller, etc

Processing material: high manganese steel

Processing process: rough, semi-finishing

Advantages: ZT solid cbn inserts processing high manganese steel castings, compared with the traditional tool to improve the efficiency, while ensuring the tool life.