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Roll belongs to large parts, usually high hardness, difficult to process.For high hardness and difficult to process roll, such as rebar steel roll, wire roll, plate roll, vic tool can provide a perfect solution - different materials of CBN tool to meet the needs of processing conditions.

Common roll materials are: high-speed steel roll, carbide roll ring, alloy cast iron roll, repair roll, surfacing roll, cold hard cast iron roll. ztsuperhard will provide suitable CBN inserts grades for different materials.

High nickel chromium alloy cast iron roll processing, chilled cast iron roll processing, infinite chilled cast iron roll processing

Processing material: high ni-cr cast iron, chilled cast iron, etc

Processing process: rough, semi-fine

Advantages: Zt for cast iron roller processing development of solid cbn inserts, has excellent impact resistance, high wear resistance, to ensure the workpiece processing accuracy while extending the tool life, improve the processing efficiency.

Carbide roll processing, high speed steel roll processing, forging steel cold roll processing

Processing material: forged steel, HHS, carbide

Processing process: rough, semi-fine

Advantages: Zt solid cbn inserts processing high hardness steel roll, compared with traditional tool efficiency.

Surfacing roll processing, spray welding roll, repair roll

Processing parts: groove cutting, outer circle, end face

Processing process: groove processing, finishing processing

Working condition: dry cutting

Advantages: zt slotting inserts prolongs tool life, supporting tool bar, and improves processing efficiency.

Cubic boron nitride cbn tool cutting roller process can be large margin cutting and intermittent cutting, and can process high hardness material roll, For more information, please contact Alice, email:, mobile: +86 17329325308