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Gray cast iron has been widely used in many industries such as automobile due to its good shock absorption and friction reduction, low price and simple production process.

At present commonly used as the main material of the typical parts and components of gray cast iron include: brake disc, brake drum, pulley, flywheel, engine block, engine cylinder head, gearbox housing, air conditioning compressor cylinder, upper and lower flanges, motor housing, machine tool guide rail, etc.

CBN inserts processing of gray cast iron program mainly includes the brake disc, brake drum, engine block, pulley, flange, gearbox housing and other typical parts

Grey cast iron brake disc processing

Processing parts: brake disc outer circle, end face, inner hole

Processing procedures: rough, finishing

Working condition: dry cutting

Advantages: ZT provides cast iron machining cbn insert with excellent impact resistance, high wear resistance, to ensure the workpiece processing accuracy while extending the tool life, improve the processing efficiency.

Gray cast iron brake drum processing

Processing parts: brake drum outer circle, inner hole

Processing procedures: rough, finishing

Working condition: dry cutting

Advantages: a clamping, finish all the rough machining, can get better surface quality

Cast iron cylinder liner processing

Processing parts: groove cutting, round, inner hole

Processing procedures: groove, finishing, boring

Advantages: ZT pcbn slotting tool life and improves processing efficiency. The processing efficiency of solid cbn inserts is 3 times higher than that of the alloy coated tools, and the surface roughness is significantly reduced.

Grey cast iron gearbox processing

Processing parts: face, hole

Processing procedures: finishing, fine milling, fine boring

Advantages: ZT pcbn tool milling gearbox shell, processing efficiency increased by 5 times, at the same time can obtain higher workpiece surface quality.

The workpiece material meets the requirements of cast iron and quenched steel (HRC≥45), which can be processed with zt solid cbn inserts or pcbn inserts, thus helping the manufacturer to improve efficiency and reduce production costs. For more information, please contact Alice, email:, mobile: +86 17329325308